At a time when the world is tremendously divided over many things, Short or Long is here to help you begin spiritual conversations with family and friends. 

What kind of person has God called us to be as we seek to love and instruct others in the gospel? He wants us to be ourselves.

Will Metzger

Short or Long exists to bridge the gap between what the Bible says and the questions the world is asking. To accomplish this, Short or Long: (1) equips Christians to have informed, authentic conversations and (2) confronts cultural realities through the lens of Scripture. 

Tyler came to faith during his freshman year of college through a campus ministry. His entire outlook on life changed. Since then, he has been committed to grappling with the tough question of faith alongside his friends and has enjoyed nothing more than guiding others to experience the love of Christ.

Over the years, Tyler has worked with college students, Greek organizations, and churches to explore the Bible’s answers to life’s biggest questions. He is a full-time Masters of Divinity student at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and part-time writer.

He loves exploring Chicago with his better half, reading about wizards and space battles, and is the proud owner of two bookshelves full of books he has mostly not read. He will get to them eventually.